Today, I decided to provide a boost to our economy by …. wait for it… shopping. Okay, okay. It wasn’t some sort of altruistic decision to help our country as much as it was a craving for new clothes. I mean, the clothes make the man…er, woman… right?

The feeling of buying new clothes was nothing short of intoxicating. During this current phase of self-exploration, I have unearthed a desire to be alternately flirty and bold. I desire, with all of the longing that that word conjures, to feel sexy. Sometimes that means sexy-coy; sometimes it means sexy-funky. Primarily, though, I want to be saucy… in my words, my dress, my attitude. I am finding a new level of self-assuredness, and I want my style to reflect my discovery.

Plus, you know, there is that whole boosting the economy bit… Just doing my part.

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