To and Fro

Crazy week this week. Conferences always throw off my schedule a bit. Nothing like chaos and chatter booked right into the day to make for an interesting week. But, by Wednesday, I was back to my regularly scheduled classes. And, oddly, I found myself kind of missing the frantic pacing of my conference schedule.

As I try to figure out where I function to my optimal potential, I am finding that I make myself slow down too often. It is almost as if the fear that I will get tired from too much constant activity makes me tired. I know sitting most definitely makes me lethargic. The computer… forget it… it sucks the energy out of my soul. I never feel fulfilled after surfing around, hopping on different sites that I like to read…. I just wonder why I am not writing one of those sites that people stop in to read.

Don’t get me wrong; I know down time is key. But down time spent reading, or running, or learning to draw is enough relaxation for me. A nap now and again is fine, too. But staring at the TV for extended periods just makes me antsy, as I compile the list of all the things that are NOT getting done because I am watching TV. And that list makes me not want to do anything, since it is so overwhelming.

I need To Do lists and schedules to keep. I don’t want to be that girl… but I am. And maybe she isn’t so bad, that girl. She isn’t spontaneous, but damn if she isn’t spunky!

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One Comment on “To and Fro”

  1. Miss Kris Says:

    I miss you!

    I’m also a list girl. I’m about to start on my list for my upcoming trip to San Diego. My sister still hasn’t had the baby (due on the 14th) so I might actually get to be there for the birth!

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