25 Things in 26 Minutes

1) I get crabby when people don’t follow through with plans. But people should totally understand when I flake out.

2) I think about running way more than a normal person should.

3) Coffee has become my passion, although I still rarely have more than 2 lattes per day. If I had a coffee pot in my office… (shudder) I hesitate to think how caffeinated I would be.

4) I struggle to spell caffeine every time. I spelled it wrong in my status update the other day. Uh… embarrassing…. many of my friends are English types (the subject, not the country).

5) I often wonder if I am self-centered as I used to be. I would ask around…but I think we all see the problem there.

6) I love people watching. I smile when someone catches me looking at them.

7) Peanut butter and honey sandwiches are my new favorite lunch item.

8) I only like natural peanut butter now. The other stuff tastes like plastic to me.

9) I considered selling Milo to a band of gypsies when she started barking at 4:28 a.m. She has, by the way, the most grating bark… somewhere close to a scream sometimes. Horrid.

10) If I could, I would adopt an 11 year old.

11) Once I started reading 1984, I wondered why I had so vehemently protested reading it for all these years.

12) It is difficult for me to leave Borders without a new book.

13) I know I should shop at local bookstores, but I haven’t found one I like. And I really like Borders.

14) I think about riding my road bike often. I rarely ever ride. But the idea is nice.

15) When I see pictures of my friends who live locally on Facebook, I get jealous that I wasn’t invited to whatever outing they are enjoying in the pictures.

16) Since beginning AA, I feel more in touch with myself but completely out of touch with most of my friends.

17) There seems to be an endless struggle for me to find enough time to do all of the things I want to do. I spent a lot of time sitting around, pontificating with drink in hand. Now I want to DO stuff.

18) I get really irritated when Amy isn’t as chipper as I am. I tend to act like she has kicked me. That is stupid. Live and let live.*

19) I listen to Guns N Roses while I run. They are the same songs I love in high school. Still love ’em.

20) The word ‘lil freaks me out. No, seriously. ‘Lil? What the hell is that???

21) Going out to coffee or dinner with my friends makes me really nervous (even if I want desperately to spend time with them). This is a phase. It will pass.

22) My dream job is to write for a magazine (a column) and teach writing at a small, liberal arts college. My job, in reality, is close enough to my dream job to make me immensely happy.

23) There are two people from high school that I feel like I mistreated in some way (yes, the ways are known to me). I plan on contacting both of them this week to apologize.

24) Facebook could be called Facecrack. I find it VERY addictive.

25) AA slogans drive me nuts (Easy Does It. First Things First. One Day at a Time. Live Life on Life’s Terms. Live and Let Live), but I believe the principles I have been taught there are saving my life.

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