Light & Airy

Seems like the longer I am sober, the more there is to do. There are clothes that need to be washed, floors to be cleaned, lessons that don’t plan themselves, and friends that I need to spend time with. But the problem is that this list of necessities, the “must dos,” are taking the fun out of everything. Even things I enjoy have become just another chore to check off my list. Absurd.

Time management has always been a struggle for me. But now there just don’t seem to be enough hours left in the day. When am I supposed to bathe the dogs? When can I straighten my room? Maybe prioritizing is my issue. I don’t have to live in an immaculate house (and believe me, I don’t)… but I do have a standard of cleanliness I would like to maintain. I am still fitting in running on a regular basis (along with counting my calories on a calorie counter… it’s like a game! Kind of). And my students get a well thought-out lesson every class period.

But I have seriously neglected my spiritual activities since school started… um, a bit problematic when the AA program is based on, well, spiritual strength. I guess that is what is bugging me, in part. And I am willing to bet that if I made more time for spiritual endeavors that I would be able to relax a bit more and enjoy what I have.

Light and airy… Like popcorn… Seems like a nice ideal to aim for, no?

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