The Answer is Always a Latte

Feeling a bit flat today. Not sure what that is about. I am typically pretty enthused on afternoons after I finish teaching… I know that I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow to catch up on grading, housework, whatever… But I still feel a nagging sense of frustration. Odd.

I decided to run the Gasparilla 5K in early February. Then there is a Strawberry Festival 10K that I am going to run in March. I downloaded a training program and am feeling pretty psyched about that. In fact, I would like to run tonight, but I won’t have time before the meeting tonight. Why is it that I constantly feel as if I don’t have enough time? It really is strange. I am accomplishing more than I have accomplished in years, yet I am always trying to catch up. Maybe that’s where my frustration stems from… Nothing ever feels completed.

I head out to see my grandparents on Saturday morning. I am excited to see them. I think I will make dinner for them on Saturday night. I am just hoping my grandfather can hold back his stunningly intellectual analysis of politics and popular culture … (read: I really don’t feel like the constant debate about whether or not the ‘N’ word is appropriate. It is not. Not ever. End of discussion.). It is hard not to have a response to that kind of vile banter; but I know my reaction only serves to egg on his bad behavior. If I ignore it, he will stop. Sometimes it is just really hard to bite my tongue.

And, on a happy note, I am off to get my grande non-fat latte. Mmm… caffeinated goodness.

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