Hey, hey we’re the freegans…

This morning found me minding my own business, walking to Starbucks for a latte. A tbt* girl handed me a paper with the headline “NO (Freegan) WAY.” Huh. I ordered my coffee and sat down for a gander at the article.

Ready? A freegan lives almost entirely off of discarded goods. That includes food. Yup, these folks dumpster dive for their dinner. Now, as you are carefully monitoring your gag reflex, let’s be clear that freegans are not eating half of your leftover veggie sub that you tossed. Instead, they are hitting up the dumpsters behind supermarkets, bagel stores and the like looking for packaged food that has been discarded (mainly because it was past the expiration date). Apparently there is a veritable cornicopia of food to be had for the taking. If you can make it past dealing with the stench of a dumpster to retrieve it.

Whoa. This is heavy information to digest over my latte. I mean, these cats are so against consumer culture that they won’t even buy food. And while I don’t think I am extremely materialistic, I do definitely partake in the consumeristic culture. And, although I find what these guys do to be a bit gross, I admire their ethical standpoint. This is something that they actively choose to do each day. I assume it is much easier to stroll into Publix and buy a bag of spinach than it is to traverse the wasteland of a Publix dumpster for said spinach. But, on principle, they refuse to partake in the convenience obsession of our society. I find that honorable.

So, as I sipped my latte, I began to think about the ways I could participate less in the consumer culture. But don’t worry, the next time you eat at my house, you can be assured that all of the food was purchased first-hand.

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