I am not into conflict. Truly, I am a conflict avoider. When I am forced into a conflict, I get all shaky and flustered. Then I spend an obsessive amount of time post-conflict second guessing myself, wondering if maybe my perspective was off, maybe I was at fault.

So, yesterday, when the Composition Director from UT called, I immediately was thrown into a tizzy. She insisted I come in to teach on Thursday, saying I needed to honor my contract. The problem with that, you see, is that I had set up conferences with my USF kids on Thursday. The teacher I had replaced at UT had come back from medical leave, said thank-you-much-I-will-take-my-class-back-now, and so I scheduled other things for Thursday. And then said teacher had an allergic reaction to medication which required hospitalization.

So then there I was, facing this conflict with a woman who had already been ugly to me on Tuesday about not being able to come in because I had a doctor appointment to have skin cancer removed. And now she was insisting I come in on Thursday, which meant I would have to cancel my conferences at USF.

And, as I was wracking my brain for how I was going to handle this, the most amazing thing happened: I had a moment of clarity. I knew, in no uncertain terms, what the right thing to do was. So I told her that, while this situation was unfortunate, I would not disappoint and/or let down my students at USF. I had made a commitment to them and the need to have me come in to UT to teach did not supersede that commitment.

And I did NOT spontaneously combust upon standing up for myself. In fact, I had her calmed down by the end of the conversation. Eating right out of my hand, she was.

Yeah, I am a rock star. You know it, babeeee.

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One Comment on “Conflict”

  1. little one Says:

    proud proud proud i am!!!!!

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