Summer Is Approaching…

I know it seems odd to be thinking about summer when we just eased into Spring. But summer starts for me the first week in May. And along with summer comes… unemployment. And I mean unemployment in the bad, “holy shit, what am I going to do???” sort of way, not a cool summer break.

So that leads me to ponder what I want to do this summer. At this stage in my life, I think I would really like to look after someone’s child for the summer. Unfortunately, I don’t think most folks could pay what I need to make money wise. I would love to do some writing work. I enjoy writing on the church blog (, which is part of the reason you never see me here. But I don’t know that I can find employment that is writing based. There is a phone survey job at Moffitt, which would be great because I could work from home and I like to talk to people (I would be finding out if they are eligible for a cancer study), but the hours are wonky (4pm to 8pm)…

So, while the possibilities are endless, there is also a lot of trepidation about where I will land for the summer. If anyone remembers the Temping Incident of ’07, you will know that we do NOT want to live that again. Apparently I am a bit surly when stuck at a desk in a 9-5 data entry job. Who knew??

Anyone have a job they want to throw my way?

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One Comment on “Summer Is Approaching…”

  1. Miss Kris Says:

    Sure! Your job is to come hang out with me and Malcolm in Seattle 😀

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