When I do something that Amy deems to be good (like filing my taxes way before the deadline or weeding the front flowerbed), she asks me if I am running for the Kiker of the Year Award. Excellent, because she says I am far ahead of the other Kikers… bad because… uh, where is she finding these other Kiks?

Amy walked home on Friday night, after hanging out with some friends. There may have been some drinking involved. She came into the room where I was sleeping, very quietly changed clothes, walked over to the bed, picked up a glass of water and said, “I AM GOING TO DO ALL THE LOUD THINGS NOW.” She had been quiet as a mouse, prior to that outburst.

I graded all day Friday and all day Saturday. On Sunday, my head exploded and I could. not. grade. any. more. papers. Instead, we went to breakfast, shopped for groceries at Target, picked out new glasses for me, had a God-forsaken meal at Bennigans, went to church, went to Four Green Fields for beverages (I had an O’Douls) and capped off the night with some tasty sushi. Spent all day with Amy. It was one of the more spectacular days in recent memory.

The new church service that I am on the planning team for went swimmingly. We seem to have found the right blend of innovation and ritual. I was invited to assist with Communion for the first time. Amy said she was pleased to have been present at my first Communion. Get it? She is really proud of that one. I thought it was funny that, given my anxiety issues, I ended up standing in front of 100 people, holding a ceramic cup of grape juice (a.k.a. blood of Christ).* Amy noted that the pastor didn’t know about my anxiety issues when he asked me to participate. I, in turn, reminded her that God most certainly knew, though… Very funny, God.

Today, I had one of those moments where everything seemed so perfect that I was awed by it. Even my Fruit on the Bottom Black Cherry yogurt seemed a wonder to behold. Don’t worry, I will snap out of it when I get back to grading those essays…

*I have a completely irrational fear of holding anything breakable in public. And I am very afraid of spilling beverages that stain.

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