Wrench Throwing

If I had to take an educated guess, I would guess that this guy is throwing a wrench in some people’s ideas about Heaven and our mission as God’s people here on Earth. Here is an excerpt from the interview with the Bishop of Durham, N.T. Wright, that appeared in Time on Feb. 7th:

The New Testament is deeply, deeply Jewish, and the Jews had for some time been intuiting a final, physical resurrection. They believed that the world of space and time and matter is messed up, but remains basically good, and God will eventually sort it out and put it right again. Belief in that goodness is absolutely essential to Christianity, both theologically and morally. But Greek-speaking Christians influenced by Plato saw our cosmos as shabby and misshapen and full of lies, and the idea was not to make it right, but to escape it and leave behind our material bodies. The church at its best has always come back toward the Hebrew view, but there have been times when the Greek view was very influential.

Interesting that I heard very little of this “goodness” of the material world when I was growing up in the church. Part of my disdain for the church as a young adult was based on their complete disregard for this world in favor of “Heaven.” Seems as though heaven is here, my friends.

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