Dear Student:

The correct answer is not always “yes.”

For instance, if I ask you if your name ends with an “i” or a “y,” the answer is NOT “yes.”

Or if I ask you if you want me to look at the article on your computer screen or on a printed sheet, the answer cannot be “yes.”

I understand that you would like me to be happy with you and your answer. That is nice of you. But, first, you must listen to my question. Then you should take a moment to contemplate the answer. Then you may verbally respond, provided your answer makes a damn lick of sense.

This concludes our first lesson in Basic Interpersonal Communication. Check back next week for our presentation of “How to ‘Like’ Make a Point ‘Like’ Quickly, without ‘Like’ Boring the Class to ‘Like’ Tears.”

Your Teacher

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2 Comments on “Yes.”

  1. Miss Kris Says:


  2. jumbledjoy Says:

    so the new answer should be maybe.
    statement: so, you haven’t been reading my blog. otherwise you would know about my inclination for the worst seafood ever.
    answer: maybe.

    statement: now that I have been keeping up with your blog, will you keep posting regularly?
    answer: maybe

    missed you at pirate fest. what a strange city.

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