Gray Skies

It is chilly here. In that way that chilly can be damp and a bit piercing. There was fog this morning, but that has lifted into a sullen grayness. My mood matches neither the weather nor the funk most of my students have drifted into. They are stressed, wrought tight with worry over passing this class or that. Sleep-deprived, they are fussy like children still begging to be treated like adults.

For some of them, the steep decline into the delirium of finals week will result in a jubilant Winter Break celebrating their success (or mere survival) of the first semester of college.

But I also know some of them won’t be back. I can see it in their faces; I can hear the defeat in their voices when they ask me if there is any way they can raise their grade. The opportunity has slipped through their hands, gone in a jumble of late nights, missed classes and failed assignments. Their countenances mirror the gray sky. I hope the next leg of their journey treats them more kindly.

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One Comment on “Gray Skies”

  1. little one Says:

    well, that made me a bit sad. but i guess, in the end, we are the only one responsible for the outcome of our lives. we have to take the blame for both the good and the bad.

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