Of Travels and Woobies…

I suck at this posting every day gig. My excuse this time is that I was in Nashville on vacation with my sister… which provided some excellent fodder for this post. So, see, it’s give and take.

Notable things about Nashville:

  • They pipe in country music over a P.A. system downtown.
  • The Honky Tonks can completely suck you in. I could have spent days just listening to music.
  • People look at you funny if you say you are a vegetarian.
  • People aren’t really as friendly as you might expect.
  • Did I mention the fabulousness of the music? Fab.u.lous.
  • At the Grand Ole Opry, they have a Minnie Pearl lookalike that yells, “HowDEEE!” at all the passersby. Cute the first time. Then it made me want to shove a sharpened pencil in my eardrum.
  • The contrast of being downtown and looking out at a mountain range is dramatic and surprisingly stirring.

We stayed at a charming little bed and breakfast. Staying at a b&b always offers an interesting perspective on humanity. Take, for instance, our experience with Asher:

Ang and I stop in at the b&b so that I can freshen up before we hit a restaurant for dinner and drinks. I am introduced to Drea, the proprietor. She, in turn, introduces me to Kelly, one of the other guests. Kelly introduces me to Asher. The bear. A stuffed bear. With jeans and a Nashville t-shirt. And boots. And glasses like Kelly’s.

Interesting. I find all of this a bit curious, this introducing of Asher the Bear. But maybe she was just carrying him upstairs and got caught in conversation. Maybe her introducing the bear was an attempt to cover her embarrassment at being spotted with her bear/woobie. Woobies can be very personal things, you know.

The next morning, Angie and I walk out to the common area to grab some coffee before breakfast. Kelly is on the couch. With Asher. She begins chatting about her adventures in Tennessee. She had been to Lynchburg earlier in the week and toured the Jack Daniel’s distillery. With Asher. The tour guide even gave Asher a sticker for his cowboy hat.


This whole bear thing is becoming rather uncomfortable now. Fortunately, Drea wanders in at that point to tell us that breakfast is ready. We all get seated and comfortable. All of us, including Asher. Uh huh. The bear. At breakfast. With us. Right.

Kelly and her partner (yes, they were dykes. From California. Hm) mention that they have extra tickets for the Grand Ole Opry. Ang and I really want to go to the Grand Ole Opry. We really do NOT want to go with Kelly, Maxine and Asher. We graciously (I hope) bowed out and got our own tickets. I think Asher was the only one that was offended.

Next morning, bright and early, Asher is once again chillin’ in the living room. Except this time he has on a cowboy hat (with Jack Daniel’s sticker), a leather jacket, jeans, a different shirt and boots. Apparently, he had a wardrobe change before his big debut at the Grand Ole Opry, where the cameras caught Maxine dancing with him and he made TELEVISION.


He was really difficult to swallow after his newfound fame. I mean, I wish him the best and all, but he really needs to remember his humble Build-A-Bear origins. There is nothing worse than a bear that’s too big for his britches.

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One Comment on “Of Travels and Woobies…”

  1. Miss Kris Says:

    That is so…odd. But it did make for a great story!

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