I’ll Do It In A Minute

It amazes me how much I can procrastinate. I wish it were a marketable skill. Unfortunately, my procrastination typically just makes me an anxious mess. I keep putting things off until they become overwhelming. And then I get stuck in a cycle of anxiety and the crushing feeling that I will never. get. everything. done. For instance, I have five classes of papers that I need to grade. There are 22 kids (’round about) in each class. You do the math. That is a fucking lot of papers. Excuse my use foul language, but fuck is definitely warranted here.

Okay, so I haven’t been procrastinating forever. I just got these papers yesterday. BUT I am out of town this weekend with my baby sister. So the likelihood of getting much done is, well, unlikely. AND I get first drafts of the next project on Wednesday of next week. Logically, I need to have these papers graded by then. And I don’t come home until Monday night. See where I am going here?

Did I get up and start grading this morning? No. I slept in. Did I grade this afternoon? No. I ran errands. Have I started grading yet? No. But, hey, at least I am entertaining you with my procrastination. I think I will throw in a load of laundry, make some coffee and grade a paper or two. Even if I don’t get two classes of papers finished today, as was the original plan, at least I will have gotten something done… Right?

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