Coffee, Please.

I had coffee with one of my former students this morning. It’s high praise when a former student wants to just hang out with you. It feels rather like being accepted into the clique that you always wanted to be part of in high school but were never quite cool enough for. Delightful.

She has a baby, this student of mine. He is nine months now. I knew her almost the entire way through her pregnancy, so being able to finally hang out with the little guy is a trip. He is chubby and charming. He laughs often. And tries to flip over backwards. A lot. And sometimes he whacks his head on the arm of a chair. When I am holding him. And she just says, “Well, Miss” (she calls me Miss), “he is going to have to learn not to do that rearing back thing sometime anyway.” Indeed. But perhaps not while I am holding him? He and I made ammends by my proffering his mommy’s cell phone (which he has drooled on so much it barely holds a charge). He is so enamored with the cell phone that he forgot, mid-cry, that he was supposed to be outraged by the hardness of the wood on the arm of the chair and by my inability to prevent baby booboos. She is going to need a family-share plan, if he is going to love the phone that much.

Beyond the Head Bonking of ’07 SNAFU, there was only one other incident of note. A stranger, a woman in her early 60s I assume, wandered up to us. Specifically to give advice about the baby. It seems that I (she assumed he was mine) am doing something right by feeding him. (Crap. I had no intention of actually feeding my own children. Imagine the grocery bills! Nope, it will be gruel for them.) And then she wanted to discuss her labor and delivery (by c-section. It seems she has a problem…. No, you don’t want to know. But then, neither did we). And then she gave us some Avon lotion. Two tubes. Because we need to have soft hands when we touch the baby. Huh.

Perhaps next time we will go to the park. I can bring my own latte.

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