Really? For a Month?

I am terribly out of practice with this whole blogging thing. I used to be pretty decent at it. I even used to be FUNNY. On occasion.

Now, I sit down to write and all I can think is “No one cares what you ate for lunch.” But how do I KNOW that? Maybe your heart’s desire is to know what someone as svelte and funky as I eats for lunch every day. (I am neither funky nor svelte, though in this past year I have come ever so slightly closer to being both. Just ever. so. slightly. And I had sushi for lunch today. Which is funny, because chopsticks are an uphill battle for me. I know, that certainly cuts down on my air of mystique, doesn’t it?)

Point being, I know this blog will get better. I will remember how to tell stories with flair. I will type something that will make me want to run right out and buy myself a grande, nonfat latte to celebrate my brilliance with the typed (read: type-ed) word. But for now, let’s just celebrate my persistence and fortitude in trying this blogging bit again, shall we? I thought so.

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