Oh The Guilt…

I know, I know. Before you even say it, I will admit that it was my fault. I signed up for NaBloPoMo (or whatever the hell), and I missed my post yesterday. Would you believe I was abducted by aliens? No? How about that I am a spy and was called away on top secret military affairs? Not that either, huh? Well, you just aren’t very trusting are you?

Alright, alright! I forgot! But I did wake up this morning feeling very guilty about not upholding my end of the bargain. Because our relationship is built off of trust… And now I have betrayed that fragile trust… So there. I feel guilty. Is that enough for you? I hope you are happy.

(I will post again today to make up for my slackerness yesterday. And I will buy you a pony. Happy now?)

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